Friends with the Weather, a project from the trio of singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalists Seth Hendricks, Chris Good, and David Hupp, celebrated it's debut album release and inaugural performance in September 2016.  A proud member of the Earthwork Music Collective, Friends with the Weather's unique sound blends dynamic musicianship, 3 part vocal stylings, and rich lyrical content exploring how we can learn and grow in the midst of challenging times, striving to be sources of love, hope, passion and vision. 

Joining Seth, Chris, and David on the self-titled, debut record "Friends with the Weather" release is a trio of respected independent Michigan musicians.

Bass player Brennan Andes, a longtime collaborator of Chris' in Ann Arbor and founding member of the funky fusion band The Macpodz, holds down the groove with depth and fire.

Drummer Julian Allen has also performed regularly with Chris in his Sweet Insurrection project. He brings his versatility and extensive jazz, funk and pop talent to the project.

Singer-songwriter, guitarist, and founder of Earthwork Music, Seth Bernard joins the project as producer and guitarist, lending his vision, production expertise, soundscape experience and shared love of 80s and 90s basketball.

Also making contributions to the debut album recorded at Jim Roll's Backseat Productions in Ann Arbor are vocalists Madelyn Grant and Lindsay Lou; a horn section of trumpeter Ross Huff, saxaphonist Rachel Mazer, and trombonist Bethanni Grecynski; guitarist James Cornelison, and cellist Abby Alwin.

In December 2016, Hendricks, Good, and Hupp released a 4 song "Live from Johnny's Speakeasy" EP that serves as a companion live acoustic session filmed and recorded at Johnny's Speakeasy in Ann Arbor, MI. Featured on this session are Andes, mandolinist Jacob Jolliff, Erin Zindle and Randall Moore of The Ragbirds, and Jacob Crouse of Mutual Kumquat

Additional contributing friends with gig and/or studio appearances include Brian Kruschwitz (percussion, vocals), Ethan Setiawan (mandolin), Dan Piccolo (drums), and ​​​​Mike Shea (drums).

2017-2019 featured continued touring, the release of the "behind the songs" series for all the songs off of "Friends with the Weather," several music video releases, and the release of the single "Be the Song." 

In 2020 Friends with the Weather launched the Sing Me Home Festival, with a mission of: "An intergenerational cultural celebration emerging at the crossroads of music, social justice, and spirituality. Serving to restore and inspire the heart, mind, and soul."