I’ve always been a sucker for a good sing-a-long. The first time I saw Seth Bernard perform "My Family" the sing-a-long was in full effect...with a depth of energy, community and warmth that was both inspiring and contagious. As all of us in that room found our collective voice, there wasn't a person there that wasn't smiling ear to ear feeling at home and alive in that incredible love of family that we were all so keenly aware of being a part of. What struck me later, though, was through the big smiles, hand claps, and sing-a-long chorus there's a depth to the song that speaks to something that I see as the heart of the broader Earthwork Music collective, which Friends with the Weather is honored to be a part of. To hold a belief in the human spirit to create beautiful and resilient communities in the midst of the many challenges we face as communities, as a species, and as the Earth takes strength and resolve. Being a part of a family takes grace, accountability, humor, and unconditional love. Being friends with the weather takes a grounded humility and a passion for embracing this life in all of its sunshiny wonder and thunderstorm glory. This isn't easy work, friends. But together, it's the good and necessary work to be a part of creating the world we want to leave our children and grandchildren.

Our fondness for Seth Bernard and for this song made it an easy and inspired choice for our contribution to the Earthwork covers Earthwork project where various Earthwork artists cover some of their favorite songs by other Earthwork artists. A groovy, acoustic flavored version of the tune felt like the right fit for our Live from Johnny’s Speakeasy session featuring Brennan Andes (bass), Randall Moore (percussion), Erin Zindle (fiddle/vocals), Jacob Jolliff (mandolin), and Jacob Crouse (tambourine/vocals). Listen close and you’ll discover a slice of the story of how our name came to be.  -Chris Good

THIS FRIDAY, 10/13/17: come see Seth Bernard and Friends with the Weather perform in Goshen, IN at Ignition Music. Warning: there will be opportunities for sing-a-longs.

*Earthwork covers Earthwork series. Available at: https://earthworkmusic.bandcamp.com/album/earthwork-covers-earthwork